The Referee Intermediate Program is open to all officials, but is primarily targeted to assist experienced officials who want to improve, but who are not part of the Advanced Mentoring Program.

The program utilizes the experienced Referee Mentors, State or National Emeritus Referees (Grade 16,15,13) and assessors available in Westchester to work with referees who are open to learning the skills of officiating in an intense one-on-one officiating relationship. This program is intended to build a rapport between the mentor and the mentee that is not a one-time connection or a one-weekend affiliation but an on-going, multi-game, season-long or long term association.

The target is a relationship that encourages the mentee to share officiating problems, issues, and concerns with the mentor. This should involve regular formal and informal meeting between the two individuals. These meetings would be limited to working a few games together during the season or during a tournament but it could also involve the mentor observing the mentee and then providing pointers and advice following the match.

For more information contact Galo Trujillo.